HHLagos meeting: Countdown begins for June 29



Hacks/Hackers Lagos’ first meeting is now confirmed for Saturday June 29at 11am!

It’s time to kick-start Open Data and Data journalism and we’ll be doing just that at the Co-Creative Hub in Sabo, Yaba.

This event is open to all members of the public interested in data and willing to start the journey of making something out of it. You do not necessarily have to be a coder, a journalist, media creative or civil society worker to attend! Just come with a passion for Transparency and be ready to rub minds and work for Democracy.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Hacks/Hackers meet at Co-Creation Hub!
  2. We provide the data, training where needed and throw some light refreshments into the mix!
  3. You interact, share thoughts and action plans on the data for the good of our democracy!


* Journalists at the first Hack-Hackers Lagos meet will get a private tour of the new BudgIT website to help make scraping data FASTER!

* Journalists may bring their own data, liaise with creative and developers to get out stories and be on the way to a scoop!

* Creatives, designers and developers as well can bring their own data or ask for some! Rubbing minds you can come up with search apps or infographics!

*Mobile App developer Emeka Okoye has promised a special tutorial for journalists and data scientists…find out when you attend!

For more details on this event call 08039226179, and join the Google group on: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups=#!members/hackshackers-lagos



Rebooting Journalism



Data Journalism is the use of data and number crunching in journalism to uncover, better explain and/or provide context to a news story. It often involves the use of statistics, charts, graphs or infographics

We need you to Reboot Journalism. Are you ready?

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HacksHackers Lagos needs YOU!


If you are a Nigerian journalist, data scientist, creative or developer interested in pioneering open data in your country then get in touch!

HacksHackers’ Lagos chapter is seeking individuals who have what it takes to find, analyse and then use data as a tool for advocacy!

Journalists? Then it’s time to put data in the news!

Creatives? Help your fellow citizens stay engaged and enlightened in fun ways!

Developers? Data Scientist? Let’s make sense of the big numbers and collaborate for the greater good!

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HHLagos reveals Nigeria budget for generators in power-stable countries


Team member Ruona Agbroko-Meyer used data from civic start-up BUDGIT to show anomalies in Nigeria’s foreign ministry’s budget for electricity generators; to be used in embassies in power-stable countries.

Collaborating with reporters from Premium Times, the story was published as: “Investigation; How Nigeria squanders millions on generators its foreign missions don’t need.”

Read the story here, and see the interactive chart here.


HHLagos crunch Nigeria’s last elections


HHLagos team member Oluseun Onigbinde worked on data from the 2011 elections to produce infographics – and highlight emerging trends in the politics of Africa’s most populous country.

Oluseun’s piece was published in TheScoopNG as “Crunching the 2011 election result figures : 3 notes for the opposition.”

Full story available here.