Hacks Hackers Lagos is a collective of journalists, developers and data scientists united for the sole purpose of analysing existing data and unearthing more to bring about new ways to produce and disseminate news. Advocacy for open data and helping the larger society to make sense of the deluge is our driving force.

The name HacksHackers is not intended to scare; journalists are often informally called Hacks,  and by using words to enlighten, are right at home with computer Hackers, who use code as a tool to educate their audiences. This group aims to bring these groups of people together to collaborate by exploring new technologies for their public’s greater good  — hackers seek out and filter the information, while journalists bring out the news and stories often lying in data.

HacksHackers Lagos is proud to be one of a growing number of chapters across Africa, backed by the African Media Initiative (AMI), the continent’s largest association of media owners.


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